Back o’ the net ..

Dammit! I fell off the wagon! I’ve started to watch football again! (I refer you to Friday’s blog!) But, hang on, did I say watch it? God, I’ve written all the kick-off times in my diary! Daren’t miss it! Oh, bugger, and I was doing so well. I blame Holland v Spain. What a game! And then, of course, there was our own valiant effort against the Italians, for which I managed to stay awake on Saturday night, and now I aim to get everything done today in time to watch the Germany v Portugal game at 4 o’clock this afternoon!

My name is Martin O’Neill. I’m a World Cup addict …

Having said that, there’s a world of difference between watching football and photographing football! I’ll hold my hands up .. that’s something I just cannot do. I think this image from my archive was the last time I had a go at it! I mention this because I had to try to photograph footy again when I shot the pictures for a school prospectus last month. Managed to get the ball on at least three of the pictures! Brilliant! The other shots, though? They’re great! I added ’em to my PR page his morning. Back o’ the net!..


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