Listen ..

I forgot to tell you! I’m going to be the guest on a radio show this coming Friday! Eeek!..

Yes, I’m going on the Middles Show on Fab Radio International – 7 ’til 9, if you’re interested. The presenters, Mick and Vicky, are good friends of mine and asked if I’d go on to talk about my Joy Division photography and .. well, anything else that crops up during the two hours! They’ve even asked me to bring in a compilation of my favourite music to be played during the show!
“Oooh, it’ll be just like Desert Island Discs..” tittered Lesley. Hmmm!…

Very busy PR day yesterday, covering a ‘Production Conference’ at a Manchester hotel. Those function rooms were not designed with photography in mind, I can tell you! Nevertheless, a great day, and an absolutely inspirational main speaker – Ken Woodward, a chap blinded in an industrial accident almost 25 years ago. He said what a lot of blind people say – that hearing becomes a much bigger part of one’s life when you can’t see. I just hope he tunes in to listen to my appearance on Friday!

Today’s archive shot? Piccadilly 261 Radio DJ Pete Baker, shot during an OB in Altrincham circa 1979. Look at the fans! All ears ..Listen ..

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