Sick as a dog ..

Poor old Lesley was sick as a dog last night! Nothing to do with the football – she really was ill .. all night – and is now lying in bed with a cold cloth on her head and a bucket .. well, you get the picture! We think it was something she ate yesterday lunchtime. Anyway, the lads couldn’t come up with the goods again last night, could they, losing 2-1 to Uruguay and the team all but sure to go out of the World Cup. A pal of mine is out there covering the tournament for the Daily Mirror and, when he left, I joked with him that I looked forward to seeing him again .. next week! Reminds me of my favourite joke from Facebook. A shot of the team getting off the plane at Rio has Gerrard turning back to the captain and shouting “Leave it running, mate. We won’t be long!”..

Off into Manchester later for my ‘guest appearance’ on the Middles Radio Show, and frantically trying to think of what the hell to talk about! D’ya think music and photography will cover it? I’m certainly not talking about football! In fact, I’m going back to having no interest in football again! Er, after Tuesday!..

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