The world would be a boring old place without its characters, and I couldn’t help but be curious about this guy, snapped at the air show over the weekend. He looked Japanese – and, with 3 Canon lenses and bodies, obviously a pro .. or a very keen snapper – but he kept retreating under this towel and falling asleep, only to jerk awake when different aircraft began their displays. Still, at least he didn’t sleep through the displays, like the people I wrote about yesterday!..

On another outing ‘darn sarf’ last month I found myself in Oxfordshire. Very nice, lovely little market towns, plummy accents! I picked up a local ‘What’s On’ magazine from one of the shops there, and read it whilst I was sitting in the sunshine yesterday. They had a feature in it about one of the Estate Agents in their area, a big time boy whose houses go for up to 5 million quid. But I almost spat out my ‘g and t’ when I read they were .. and I quote .. “just as adept at selling homes for as little as £250,000″ .. !!! .. I won’t be moving to Oxfordshire any time soon ..

Anyway, back to photography and I was absolutely thrilled yesterday to get not one, but two, confirmed Wedding bookings in one day! I can now add Rookery Hall and Great John Street Hotel to the list of next year’s Weddings. The thing that pleases me most is that neither bride wanted the all-pervasive current ‘trendy’ photography of stupid poses and sickly vintage colouring. Looks like ‘sticking to my guns’ is paying off ..

©Martin O’Neill 2014


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