Guess it’s over ..

Well, there you go! You’ve done it! Pat yourself on the back and get out that brochure for the new Ferrari! The recession is over! It’s official – or it will be when they announce it later – so yippidy doo and happy days everybody!..

I’ve got to say I feel extremely pleased to be able to say I’ve survived yet another recession as a photographer, and I hope it means the end of having enquiries for Weddings at ¬£200, or folk choosing ONE 7×5 inch print from a full forty-five minute portrait-shoot .. and don’t even get me started on PR companies turning down my quotes for jobs! Actually, that’s even more pleasing to have survived because it’s involved the ‘double-whammy’ of the increasing use of digital cameras by non-professional camera-owners! My best example – and I kid you not – was of one company having one of the staff’s mothers take the shots they wanted because she had .. wait for it .. a good camera!..

So, yes, according to one chap being interviewed on the radio this morning “There is jobs out there!” now. I can only hope that some of that extra dosh trickles down to StudioFiveFour and I can borrow that Ferrari brochure once you’ve finished with it…

Now will you get down to my studio and have some bloody photographs taken!!…

Image du jour : Eccles Job centre, circa 1977.. From The Archive, of course!

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