Oh, my memory ..

Christine’s Birthday Party
Summer 2014

Hot day


“Are you Martin?”.. asked a young lady I bumped into yesterday. “You took my Wedding photographs!”..

I was embarrassed that I didn’t remember her. “When was your Wedding?”.. I asked her. “2005 .. ” she replied. “Ah..” I said “No wonder I don’t remember! I’ve got a memory like a sieve! How is everything?..” “Oh..” she said “We’re divorced, but they were a lovely set of pictures!” ..

Well, it sure is a time for memories at the moment, what with the 100th anniversary of the war and everything, and look how fascinated we are with all those old photographs from the time. Ah, the power of the image. How evocative .. but where the hell will all the images be from today when they look back in 100 years time? The flippant answer for me now is “I don’t care!” I won’t be here then – unless I’m the healthiest 154 year old on the planet – so it ain’t my problem, but I’m sure as hell going to make sure that, at least for my lifetime, my memories get out there to the people who might find them useful…


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