A bad week for ..

I’ve been drowning in a cess-pool of negativity this week! I had the cancellation of a photo-shoot for an actor’s head shots (They got a big phone bill and needed to pay that above anything else!) – I was turned down for a Wedding because I was too expensive (£200 more than the bride wanted to pay!) – rejected for a PR job because the company didn’t have any budget for the opening of their housing scheme (I quoted £125 for God’s sake!) and I was offered the princely sum of £40 to shoot every room in a house that was up for sale (“Well, that’s how much we pay”). I even had a guy walk into the studio this morning telling me how he used to run not one but three photography studios across the north-west and now he works for a window-fitting company (“Sometimes decisions get made for you” he said) Jeezo! Cheer me up, why don’t you!..

One good piece of news was finding out my old Yashicamat 120 camera still works. I had a roll of film developed and scanned during the week and it just made me feel a complete nostalgia for film! Actually, it made me feel nostalgic for the ‘good old days’ of newspapers too, as one of the shots was of the boarded-up Salford City Reporter office in Eccles. Still, looking back, I think film is the future, and I’m definitely going to try to introduce it back into my Wedding photography!..

Anyway, back to the doom and gloom …


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