How times change ..

Well, there you go! I’ve done a Cake-Smash! I’ve entered a new phase in the evolution of my photography .. despite most people still not knowing what one is! Never mind, it went well, now you ask, and it didn’t take that long to clean up the studio floor afterwards, though I still can’t help thinking it’s a terrible waste of a good cake and a way of raising a child that I personally have my doubts about. How times change ..

I’ve been on more familiar territory other than that, with a family shoot yesterday and another booked in – with pet dog – for this morning. I had a reminder of the ‘old days’ of press work last night when I got a call from a newspaper asking if I was free to shoot a ‘snatch’ shot at Preston Crown Court today. A ‘snatch’ is a grab-shot of the person who’s been on trial and it’s unfortunate that I’m already booked today but, to be honest, I haven’t done one of those since 1978! Still, it brought back fond memories of my years on the newspapers when you’d fly out at the drop of a hat to whatever it was the Picture Desk needed a shot of! After moving across to Wedding Photography I used to joke that my idea of a ‘rush-job’ meant a bride asking if I was available next September! How times change…

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