Bigging it up ..

Shooting some lovely portraits at the studio yesterday, I decided to knock off a few frames on my Mamiya RZ67. “What’s that?” .. cried the teenagers in unison as I pulled it out of the bag and, for a split second, I did feel as if I was revealing some monstrous bye-gone antique curiosity until I remembered ..  ‘This baby is cool’ !! To think that, up to only a few years ago, I used to shoot all the ‘colour’ at my Weddings on this hulk! Here it is next to my little Fuji compact! Big, eh?..

It weighs a ton and, off the tripod, is quite awkward to handle but, oh boy, does it produce fantastic photographs! It will be making many more appearances, I can tell you! ..

I shall be hitting the sauce tomorrow afternoon as I join up with three other freelance photographers for our annual Summer Booze Up! Stand back and prepare for a barrage of moans and groans! Work’s down! Fees are down! Prices are up! Etc., etc., etc .. yet …YET .. we are all still professional photographers after all these years! Somehow we’ve all hung on and made our livings from photography alone. I hope the guys remember that and don’t spend too long in the doldrums. We should be proud of our achievements and BIG OURSELVES UP!…  


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