I’ll drink to that ..

Monday lunchtime, and so far I have ..

Shot and delivered a PR job, copied, renovated and reprinted an old photograph, edited a portrait shoot I did on Saturday, been booked for a really interesting PR job on Thursday, been to my framer to choose some picture frames for a recent shoot .. and spoken to a bride about her forthcoming December Wedding. Busy day? I’ll drink to that…

Yes, in fact, the whole week has got off to a cracking start, and there all already two more studio sittings booked in for later in the week. It feels like the ‘old days’, which is pretty much all we talked about on our Photographers’ booze-up on Saturday. Four old farts – with at least 120 years’ photographic experience between us – chundering on about medium-format, the general slowing down of work .. and hearing loss! (I blame the noisy pubs we went in!) Anyway, my liver was doing cartwheels on Sunday. Sobriety? I’ll drink to that…

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