Double Whammy ..

I must be a total glutton for punishment today because I’m not only off to the dentist .. but the accountant, as well! Just how much joy can one man fit into his day? My poor old wallet! Still, it gets it all out of the way in one fell swoop, doesn’t it!..

On the subject of ‘doubles’, I thought I’d show you a couple of shots from my ‘Social Seen..’ project. You can tell it’s been going on a while ‘cos the bottom shot is obviously from the days when people were allowed to smoke indoors. (Thank God that’s all gone, although I do find all these E cigarette smokers rather amusing. It looks like the whole world’s been taken over by penny-whistle players!) Anyway, I’m rather enjoying pairing up photographs that work well together, and I do believe the seed of a new photographic exhibition has been sown..

My next Wedding‘s on Friday. Can’t wait! Just think of all the shots that’ll be ‘Social Seen..’ by me tomorrow!..


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