Livin’ off the wall ..

I’ve been booked to shoot the Wedding of Michael Jackson!
Get down! Shake yer booty and, er .. all that!

Ok, not that one .. obviously .. but it still rather amused me when a young couple called yesterday to talk about their Wedding Photography! The clichés flooded out of me, and I can only hope they choose ‘Rock with you’ as their First Dance come November!..

No first dance coverage today, but I am set to shoot the Wedding of Victoria and Mike at Mere Court, near Knutsford. Sounds like it’s going to be just as wild and wacky, though, as .. get this .. I’ve been asked to photograph the Wedding party doing handstands .. and to keep an eye out for one of their Wedding cakes made of .. Pork Pie! Funky! Now these guys are livin’ off the wall..

Ps: Bloody hell! I just heard on the radio today would have been MJ’s 56th birthday! Spooky ..

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