Bending over backwards ..

September, and I’m already thinking about my Autumn Weddings. Working around the weather, in other words .. and I certainly got a taste of that during Friday’s Wedding at Mere Court. It rained all day, basically! Couldn’t do anything outside apart from a few brave shots of the bride and groom under one of my brollies. Still, as you can see, we managed to shoot the ‘Handstand’ shot that I was asked for, so all is good in the wacky world of Weddings!..

It just goes to show how right I am when I tell a bride and groom that the weather won’t affect the enjoyment of their Wedding Day. On Friday, a bad crash in the rain caused an hour’s delay to the start of the Wedding and, as I say, the weather prevented most of the guests from going outside for photographs, but it didn’t spoil the day one jot for Victoria and Michael. It did mean a lot of scurrying about for yours truly, though! In bad weather, at this particular venue, it’s usually possible to use their conservatory for group photographs. Not so on Friday! The room was being turned around to host the reception. Plan C then! There’s a little room to the side that works well for shots but, once again, I was scuppered at this Wedding as the room was already being used for a small family get-together. I had to rapidly come up with a Plan D! Plan D was to shift a bunch of tables and chairs in the bar to make a little studio between the guests in which I could work. It worked, and we got all the group shots in a few minutes flat! See? It’s true! A good Wedding photographer always bends over backwards to get the shots ..  


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