Bak to skool ..

School’s in for Autumn .. as Alice Cooper never sang (Hasn’t got quite the same ring to it, has it?) .. and already poor old Lesley’s commute to work has just got half an hour longer! Oh, for the days when kids walked to school, through all kinds of weather, getting fresh air and fit as they frollicked! Unfortunately, though, I can imagine a stream of modern pupils – sorry, students, as they all seem to be called these days – all slobbing along at a mile an hour, earphones in, heads down and focussed on their ‘phones!..

I have but one thing to thank my school for, and it’s obviously not grammar! No, I thank my school for its camera club, which I joined at age 13 and which got me hooked on this photography lark – so much so that by the time I left school at 15 I was the sole remaining member of the club – even the teacher had packed it in! – and I was the proud keeper of the keys to the darkroom, which meant that, instead of studying in the biology class, I was locked next door, developing film and printing those early masterpieces that have led to my world-wide fame, fortune and notoriety as a ..

Hmm, back to school there, then …

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