Stepping up to the base ..

I’ve never been good at sport! I admit it, I hold my hand up! When the footy captains picked sides before a game when I was at school I was always the last person to be chosen. “Oh..” one chisel-jawed skipper would say to the other “You can have him!” “No..” the second wind-swept stud would say “It’s ok! You have him…”  So imagine my delight when I got picked last night to play a league badminton match at the club I play at. Ok, I was substitute on the D team .. and I’m not joking .. but it all counts and, for the record, I lost five games BUT WON ONE!..

The thing is, playing in a ‘proper’ match gave last night’s games such an exciting ‘real’ edge – a thrilling purpose I’ve just never got from playing at my usual level. It was ‘do or die’ .. in or out! Well, I was out, obviously, but it made me think how exciting it is to be a Wedding Photographer. I think Wedding Photography is the only thing in my life that really gets the adrenalin going. The only thing that’s ‘real’, ‘do or die’ .. in or out! Of course, all my photography gets me excited, but it’s not all at the same high-speed, ever-changing, get-it-right right now level! I get such a buzz from shooting Weddings. Just as well, ‘cos I don’t think I’ll be getting another call from the club anytime soon ..

Ps: Today’s picture is from 1979, when I went to White Hart Lane to cover Altrincham FC’s amazing 1-1 draw against Spurs in the FA Cup. Spurs walloped them in the replay! I just liked the analogy!…

©Martin O’Neill 2014


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