Just in time for .. October!

I heard an ad on the radio yesterday for one of those ubiquitous sofa companies, proudly boasting that orders were guaranteed to be ready in time for Christmas!

I should bloody well think so, boys! It’s September!..

Anyway, I’ve had Christmas on my mind these past few days, as I’ve been designing an album from a Wedding at Peckforton Castle on December 23rd last year. Now, I see a lot of photographers’ blogs that basically just consist of a huge selection of photographs! One never-ending line of shots from a single Wedding. An easy way of blogging but then, I suppose, also a great way to show off one’s work to the general public. So, for once, I thought that’s what I’d do, too! I’m showing you a selection of pages from this album. The Wedding Day itself was one of non-stop rain and murk – so all the photographs were shot inside. (You can see a few more from The Big Day here!) Anyway, Emma and James emailed me their choice of photographs only last week, and their album is being printed as we speak! Ready by Christmas? Dude! Try October! ..


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