Hooray for XA! ..

I dusted down one of my old Olympus XA cameras last weekend, took it to the Southport Air Show and pointed it at .. people! Got some nice pix, too! (Click the montage to get a closer look!) Oh, yes .. this is what I’ve been missing! The kind of close up, in yer face photography that I shot so much of in the past. Now, I almost steer away from it. The fear of getting whalloped, attacked or called a paedo has kept my camera in my pocket and my self-value as a street photographer in the waste basket! I’ve just not dared do it, to be honest. I’ve not dared shoot the kind of photography that I shot all the time in ‘the olden days’! The days when you weren’t thought of as sleazy because you wanted to photograph someone, the days when a subject thought it was practically a form of flattery to be asked to pose, or to be amused if they ‘clocked’ me taking their photograph. I filled a book with shots like those – Don’t Miss This, available in the foyer! – and, guess what, I intend to fill another one now! I’ve priced up dev and scan at Asda, and I’ve started ordering film in five packs. Oh, yes! Da boy is back! The Olympus is back. Hooray for XA!..


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