Let there be love ..

The rain and wind is finally here this morning which means that – incredibly – both my Weddings were shot in glorious sunshine this weekend! In fact, yes .. I did moan that it was too sunny but hey, the Great God of Wedding Photography didth smileth oneth more upon the young O’Neill! You can check out both Weddings from the top of the list on my Recent Weddings page ..

Now, I can’t let this weekend pass without mentioning poor old Alan Henning, the horrendously unfortunate victim of the worst kind of evil in the world. For me, of course, the thing that’s really brought this whole episode home – the thing that’s made it so much more awful, if that can be possible – is that Alan was from Eccles. My home town. He was a taxi-driver .. from Eccles! Not a high-flying diplomat, or a glamorous international photo-journalist, but a caring, compassionate taxi-driver .. from Eccles! My heart goes out to him and his family and well done to the people of Eccles for the great memorial they gave him last night. All I can offer is a shot from my archive of the church that staged it – right across the road from Alan’s taxi office. A view he must have seen a thousand times!
RIP Alan ..


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