Falling for you ..

I went to the doctor yesterday. The old shoulder has been giving me ‘gip’! Turns out that’s why .. ‘cos it’s old! Degeneration! OMG! (And I thought it was only my grey matter that was going downhill!) Anyway, painkillers with possible physio in the future and that’s that. The doctor, who I’d not seen before, was a very nice young Indian lady who looked at my notes and said ‘Degeneration’s not really surprising, you know, looking at the lifestyle you lead..” “Oh?..” I uttered, with a sharp intake of breath and slight reddening of the cheeks! “Well..” she said “Badminton, swimming, photography…” Phew! I nodded my head, enthusiastically. “How often do you take photographs?..” she asked. I laughed, and pulled open my jacket to reveal the Fuji X10 around my neck (Yes, I know…) “As often as I can..” I smiled “I have the studio across the road..”
“Oh..” she said “Have you got a card?
I’m getting married next year!..”

I was editing Friday’s Wedding yesterday, and came across the picture I’m showing you today. It was one of those shots I knew I’d got as soon as I fired the shutter. The briefest of moments as the little flower girl – called Poppy, appropriately! – took a tumble during the line-up. I put it on my Facebook page last night and, when I checked this morning, it had been viewed by 475 people!
Well, I nearly fell over backwards!..


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