A moment in (my) history ..

Great news! My mission to London has been a success and I’m delighted to say my archive is now being represented by one of the finest ‘specialist’ historical Picture Agencies in the country! I went down for a meeting with a very nice guy from the Mary Evans Picture Library who said he ‘loves’ my work and would be very happy to add it to their wonderful collection. I am so flattered, and in such great company, too. The library houses the archives of both Shirley Baker and Roger Mayne, both fantastic photographers of the latter half of the 20th century. So this will be a really great way for my work to be seen and – hopefully – used around the world! Oh, did I say they were one of the best in the country? Sorry, I meant World! The library is itself represented by over 100 agents in over 70 countries across the globe! World domination beckons! Or at least the odd shot in an American magazine every now and again!..

Speaking of history, I popped down to the Tower of London to see the magnificent ‘Blood swept lands..’ display of ceramic poppies filling the moat. I couldn’t get near it! There were, like, a kertrillion tourists hogging every inch of the railings above the display, all taking ‘selfies’ for the folks back home in Idaho! I actually thought I’d caught a  moment when I saw this chap in a ‘Help for heroes’ sweater, standing with his head bowed in what seemed like poignant prayer for several minutes. As I moved away I looked back to see he was actually .. texting on his phone!
Hmm, I doubt they’ll take this shot for the archive!..


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