Time, travel ..

Having a pub meal in London at the weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the Italian at the next table. I knew he was Italian – ornate facial hair, scarf up to his ears and a leather cap on backwards – but I became fascinated as I watched him examining a bottle on his table. He picked it up, turned it around, read the label, shook it up and down a bit, held it up to the light, unscrewed the cap, sniffed it, scratched his goatee .. then put it back down on the table, perplexed. It was a bottle of vinegar!..

It brought back to mind the sheer excitement of travel. The thrill of being somewhere new and the absolute ‘exoticness’ of everything .. even vinegar!
Made me want to pack a bag right there and then!..

Thing is, now I’ve been accepted by the Picture Library, the only bags I’ll be packing for the next few weeks are negative bags, as it’s suddenly dawned on me that every shot in my archive is going to need to be properly filed. It’s fun to think, though, that by viewing my work, people will be able to ‘time-travel’ and see a world that, if not quite exotic, is as different again from the one around them today..


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