On reflection ..

This is me, when I was 17, practising long-exposure photography on a nippy November night in Manchester back in 1977. My next-door neighbour had lent me his Rollei 35 and I kind of hoped that, as he had no knowledge or interest in photography, he might forget I’d borrowed it and the little beauty would have been mine forever. He remembered, damn it, and it was back to my second hand Zenith E again the next week!..

Anyway, excuse me, I’m getting all reflective ! Hahaha.. see what I did there?..

Sigh! No, it’s the clocks going back, see? Waving goodbye to British Summer Time always makes me misty-eyed and sentimental and I can’t help but look back as we move forward to winter. You know the sort of thing. How was summer? Did I make the most of it? Was my work any good? Did I tan? Important stuff like that ..

As it happens, it was a good summer! Weather-wise, photography-wise, garden-wise, friends and family-wise. Yes, nine out of ten for summer 2014, the summer I launched my new Manchester Wedding Photography site. Looking back, that’s going to stand me in great stead for the future. Worth reflecting on ..


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