Whacked ..

Friday already! Oh, my Lord, where has the week gone? Well, I’m glad you asked, ‘cos I can tell you straight away! It’s gone in a flurry of shoots and website design .. and not necessarily in that order! I’ve spent absolutely ages transferring all my website pages across to a new company and, I have to say, it’s been well worth it. I think my new site looks amazing! After I changed the location of Manchester Wedding Photography I decided I’d go the whole hog and shift the rest of my website over, too. As soon as the new home page goes live I’ll let you see it but I can give you a few clues here by showing you links to the PR and Portraits pages..

And shoots! Yes, it’s been a really busy week for ‘real’ work, too! When I’ve not been at the computer I’ve had some great jobs this week, including the advertising shoot of a Company’s new boardroom, and various and assorted family and baby sessions at the studio! Can I possibly dare to think that there are the stirrings of a Christmas ‘rush’?  I say that because, as well as a family shoot, I also had two different grandmas bring in their grandkids to be photographed as gifts for their parents. Here’s hoping ..

So yes, I think it’s fair to say I’m really looking forward to two days off this weekend. I’m whacked! Today’s picture, from my archive of a trip to Kenya, is perfect for the Friday blog. That man in the cart? That’s me, that is …


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