Interesting, that ..

A couple of interesting points came out of my ongoing website design over the weekend. Firstly, I was questioned about this photograph, which I’d added to the PR page of StudioFiveFour Photography. “It’s obviously superimposed, isn’t it?..” came the query. Er no, my friend .. it isn’t! This is a ‘straight out of the camera’ photograph, taken of the owner of the Yang Sing restaurant in Manchester for a Business Magazine about five years ago. The story? The fact that the price of rice was rising, cutting profits for the numerous eateries in Chinatown. Well, how do you photograph the price of rice? This was my take on it. The ‘lady’ in the background was part of the restaurant wall decoration, so I plonked my subject in front of her and stuck a flash-gun either side of him. It was then left to his PA to stand on the table and spill a stream of rice through her fingers as he let it splash around him. I’m sure she never saw that coming in her job description! However, I was really pleased with the effect. Just wish I’d taken a shot of the mess I left behind me ..

The second point arose when a chap I met on Saturday was asking about my portrait pricing. In a nutshell, he couldn’t believe I was so affordable! Seems he’d taken his little daughter to Venture photography and spent over £600 on a series of images. Thing was, that was well over a year ago and, as he put it “I’m still f*ckin’ paying for them!”…
Interesting, that ..


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