Quiz time ..

Ok, Blog Fans! Quiz Time! How exciting! Your starter for ten! Do you know where these shots were taken? Time starts now!..

Yes, I thought I’d show you another couple of shots that have reappeared after more mega-trawling through my boxes of transparencies. They were taken a long time ago – twenty-nine years by my reckoning – and they show places that, sadly, aren’t accessible anymore. Tell me what you think and drop me an answer here!
I’ll send a signed print from my ‘travel’ selection to one lucky winner!..

Seems I’m the ‘official photographer’ at a ‘do’ tonight. Hey, I’ll do anything to get into events with free wine! It’s the launch-event of a book written by my old journo pal Mick Middles. His newest offering is all about the life and times of Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom. I was filmed last year for a forthcoming film about Chris and told a little story about how I asked him to sneak up behind Prince Edward’s Missus when she was opening something or other in Manchester. You know who I mean. Sophie, thingy! Anyway, he did, then she turned round and spotted him and .. er, told me off! The annoying thing is that – the day before the book launch – I find the bloody trannie, don’t I?
Damn! Timing ..

Speaking of timing, my next Wedding looms and, this weekend, Manchester Wedding Photography will be seeing action at the tasty Park Royal Hotel in Warrington. Time of Wedding? 4pm! Time it goes dark? – and no, this isn’t the second question in my quiz! – 4.01pm! Oh yes, it’s going to be a lighting challenge alright!..


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