Sit back, relax ..

Well, I set my quiz yesterday and sat back and relaxed, waiting for the deluge of email answers to flood in. I was totally underwhelmed! Two people answered! Two! (And they were both wrong! Sorry Simon and Jo!) Come on, dear reader, I am sulking! Where’s your enthusiasm? There was a signed Martin O’Neill photograph up for grabs there! (Or is that what put you all off entering? Hm!..) Anyway, if anyone gives a monkeys, the answer was .. The Statue of Liberty. The shots were taken inside the statue and show the windows in the crown on Liberty’s head, which was used as a fantastic viewing platform, and the very crowded spiral staircase which visitors climbed – and vertiginously descended – to get up to said Crown. So now you know. Quiz over ..

Great evening at my pal’s book launch last night and all the more satisfying as I get two mentions in the story and a byline for two pictures within the book. Lots of laughs and love for the late, great Chris Sievey. By a strange coincidence I also received yesterday two contracts to sign, one of which was to grant permission for some of my Chris Sievey photographs to be used in a forthcoming film. The other was the hard copy from the Mary Evans Picture Library to arrange representation of my “terrific photographic collection”. If it carries on like this I’m gonna have a mug as smug as Rod Stewart’s, seen here at Maine Road and, yes, dug out of my archive during my latest ‘root’! ..

Now, my IT bod says that, in order to get a better Google ranking, it’s very important for me to mention Manchester Wedding Photography in my blog. Not too often, mind. Just enough for the great analyst in the sky to pick up the words. Oh, there ya go! Done! Sit back, relax ..


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