Go, Cowboys .. but go a bit faster!

So, American Football. Live and in the flesh! I went to see the Dallas Cowboys play at Wembley on Sunday and I’ll tell you what I think about that. I think I don’t need to go and see another live game of ‘Gridiron’ ever again in my life .. ever! My God, those boys can drag it out! I mean, I knew there were lots of breaks in the game – after all, I’ve followed it since the early days of Channel 4’s broadcasts – but I didn’t realise until Sunday’s live match just why the programme cuts back to the studio so often. It’s because bugger all is happening on the pitch! Bugger all! Yep, it’s TV coverage for me from now on ..
This week’s a Portraits and PR kinda week with lots of prints to get out and another Wedding album to design. I’ve been redesigning my ‘other’ website, too – the Studiofivefour site for ‘Weddings, portraits, PR and .. other stuff’. I’m moving it over to a different Web company so it’s all rather painstaking trying to ensure I get every single last bit of info, image, link, keyword and SEO content across to the new site. I’ll tell you this, though! As slow as this process is I’m still moving faster than the American Footballers …


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