Back in Black ..

Last night I did something else I’ve never done before! I took a call about a booking for a second Wedding .. from a bride whose first Wedding I shot! But, more than that, it was a call from an old pal who I used to be in a punk band with and so, being a rock chick, she got married in a black Wedding dress! Tish was the bass player/singer in a little combo we had in the early nineties. I was the drummer or, should I say, I owned a drum kit! Listening back at old tapes it’s patently obvious I couldn’t drum. Apparently you need a sense of rhythm!..

Anyway, there ya go, she’s booked me again and I’m delighted to have been chosen to capture her (next) Big Day. And it’s obviously a music thing, ‘cos another bride who married in black was Vicky, who you can see here in my shot with her new hubby, my old mate Mick Middles, erstwhile music writer and red wine quaffer of this parish. I like this picture so much I’m adding it to the new web-site of Manchester Wedding Photography. Sneaky SEO mention of the name, there!
Rock on …


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