Back to life, back to reality ..

Ten days in Egypt! Just what the doctor ordered! Although I did start to come down with a cold the second I got off the ‘plane at Ringway! That’s the price you pay for an international jet-set lifestyle, I suppose! Anyway, did you miss me?
Thought not ..

Didn’t take any photography gear with me other than the Fuji X10 and, once again, I was one of only about three people in the whole resort that actually took a camera on holiday. Everywhere else it was ‘phones, tablets, and ipads… the compact camera industry must be freaking out! Still, my lovely machine performed admirably as always, and here’s one of the more amusing shots from my trip.
Ps: So why is it called the Red Sea?  ..

Nice to be back at work though, and my new Manchester Wedding Photography site seems to have been doing its job! I’ve come home to two Wedding bookings, two portrait sessions and three Christmas parties to shoot! Ah, yes, December already! We didn’t hear a single mention of Christmas whilst we were away.
I’d better get my festive head on, and quickly.
Just need to take a Lemsip first ..


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