Just like buses ..

Exhibitions, eh? They’re just like buses! You wait ages for one, and then two come along at the same time! I think it’s true to say I don’t often get days like this, with final arrangements being made for not one, but two exhibitions of my work within the next few weeks. It’s really exciting! Firstly, the press releases and posters are going out for my part in a show at the Ono Arte Contemporanea gallery in Bologna, Italy, and then on Friday I’m having a meeting to finalise arrangements for my ‘Made in Eccles’ show at the Peoples’ History Museum in Manchester. On top of all that, this week I’ve had to start delivery of the first batch of images to the ‘Martin O’Neill Collection’ (I love that name!!) at the Mary Evans Picture Library in London and I’ve been asked if more of my images of Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom can be used in the forthcoming film about his life!

I mean, forget Christmas! I’m getting all my presents now!..

Bugger! I forgot to mention Manchester Wedding Photography ! My SEO guy says I need to drop it into the ‘conversation’ at least once a day. I know, I can tell you about the time I shot a Wedding in London when all the guests travelled from the church to the reception in a big red London bus. Trouble was, the reception was by Tower Bride .. a week before Christmas! The bus went so slowly through the traffic that I could keep getting off the back and walking down the street to photograph it in the jams!..

These buses? From a trip I did by Greyhound Bus across the States.
Ding, ding! Fares, please! ..


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