Read my blog ..

Check out this list! These are stats from yesterday’s blog, showing the countries where people have logged on to read my ramblings! Isn’t that brilliant? Although I’d love to know what causes these sudden bursts of interests in different countries – there were 29 ‘reads’ of the blog in Ukraine, for example. Oh, and ‘Hi!’ to the one person in the UAE who dropped by!..

Had a great portrait shoot in the studio yesterday. A fourteen year old lad whose mother was convinced would be a nightmare to photograph! Folks, he didn’t want to leave! Well, ok, he did .. of course he did .. it was almost tea-time .. but he wasn’t as traumatised as his Mum thought he would be! There’s another booking like this on Saturday too and, again, it’s a case of Mum being unhappy with the school photo her son has had taken. Happy to help, all you Mums out there! Happy to help ..

Just over a week until the next outing for Manchester Wedding Photography but, this time, it’s a bit of a ‘family affair’. My nephew ties the knot with the lovely Ashley on the 13th and I’ve offered to shoot their Big Day as a Wedding Present. At least you’ll know that, as I’ll be busy working, I won’t be the one doing the embarrassing ‘Uncle’ dancing on the disco floor.
Now that would be a blog to read ..


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