Concentrate! ..

Moving house! I can’t see it ever happening for me! It would take so long for me to go through all my ‘stuff’ that I’d forget why I was trying to clear it all out in the first place! Take this morning, for instance. All I needed to do was find one old Wedding photograph to add to my new revamped website. A ten minute job! Ha! I have been so side-tracked! I’ve looked through 1970s diaries, old programmes and exhibition flyers, stored negatives, autograph books, boxes of god-knows-what .. my old cub-scout necker, anyone? – and a heap of archive CDs. You’ll be pleased to know I did actually find what I was looking for – and I’ve already added it to the new website of Manchester Wedding Photography – but I also dug out some really cool ‘old’ shots of yours truly at work! I say ‘old’ .. the CD I pulled this off was dated 2004 .. yet look at it! Here I am at Peckforton Castle, still using my lovely Mamiya RZ67 camera to shoot this Wedding scene and yes, I did used to hike it up a ladder and tie it to the top rung to keep it steady!..

I actually met a ‘photographer’ on a job last week who’d never heard of an RZ! Imagine not knowing of such a wonderful machine! Imagine never having used film! And yet this guy gives ‘lessons’! (I looked him up on his website!)  How can a guy who’s only been a photographer for two years give lessons? What experience could he impart to an eager young snapper?  How can …  Oh, I’m getting side-tracked again ..


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