That time of year ..

Gloves! That’s what you should be buying people for Christmas ‘cos, judging by the kick-start I’ve had to my latest ‘On the one hand’ season, there are a lot of people losing them! Yep, it’s that time of  year again when I start to see single gloves all over the place! I’d imagined I’d be able to resist them this year but no, I’m still not cured, and I have to stop walking and take a picture every time I see one!..

Yesterday was also the time of year again for our annual Freelance ‘do’, and this year we got a record-breaking five freelance photographers together for a nosh-up and a wee drinky! For the second year in a row we went to the Deli-Lama cafe in Salford, and they did us proud with poussin, iced-berry ice-cream and reggae reggae Christmas carols! Highly recommended..

Back to the StudioFiveFour this afternoon for what must surely be the last Portrait session before the Big Day. Two little girls are being photographed and yes, their Mum does want to give a print as a Christmas present! What a rush job! Still, it is that time of year ..


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