Frosty reception ..

Great, isn’t it? Tree down, decorations gone and time for the obligatory ‘Let’s go to the park and photograph the frost’ walk! Normality has returned!
Oh, January, such joy!..

I was searching for a message I’d received recently on Facebook, and suddenly came across a section of my page I’d never seen before. In it were 48 unread messages! Forty-eight!! Bloody hell! It seems it’s a section where messages go if you’re not a ‘Friend’ with a person but they message you anyway, so they varied in importance from utterly irrelevant or highly amusing to ‘Oh, bugger, I wish I’d seen this’! Irrelevant messages included one which started ‘Dear O’Neill’ and one which told me about an Uncle who’d died and left me $17.2m .. Nice! Highly amusing ones included two involving the famous photographer Terry O’Neill. ‘Is he your Dad?’ asked one and ‘Can you put us in touch with him?’ asked another. A couple of people asked if I remembered them (No!) and there was one which simply said ‘Such a loser’ but then there were messages saying things like ‘The prints were really fantastic’ and ‘Promotional material received; Photography and quality brilliant!’ …. Aaagh! Who? When? What? Oh, bugger! Note to self: Monitor your pages more effectively!..

Oh, the original message I wanted to find? A Wedding enquiry for 2016. The fourth I’ve had in a week! Looks like Manchester Wedding Photography will be shooting more than frost come this time next year ..


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