Take a seat ..

I almost didn’t write a blog today. Hell no, I’m far too busy! Well, it’s that time of year, isn’t it? I’ve got sofas to buy, cruise holidays to book, detox diets to start .. who’s got time to blog? Actually, TV ads aside, I have had a busy start to the year, albeit stuck in front of my trusty Mac as I work through Wedding selections and people’s print orders. I spent yesterday mentally back in October, as I sorted out the images for a Wedding I shot then at the Didsbury House Hotel. Today I’m working on a selection of shots that have been ordered from a lady who came into the studio for some ‘Dating Agency’ photographs. The agency like them so much, in fact, that they’ve asked if I’d consider travelling to London to shoot more of their clients! Tasty! I’ve also chucked a bit more work at the websites – both Manchester Wedding Photography and StudioFiveFour – in my never-ending quest to get them up, up, up those rankings. In fact, I googled myself yesterday and was delighted to say I came out on the front page exactly one listing above one of my old mates! We may be the best of pals but I’m afraid there’s no love lost in the murky jungle of work! Ha ..

No love lost? Isn’t that a Joy Division song? Funny you should ask, ‘cos I’ve got good news about my shots of the band. They’ll be going ‘on tour’ in the Spring as part of a theatrical production about the group. Theatrical production? A play, Martin .. a play. Jeez, keep it simple! I’ll tell you more after my meeting with the company. Man, I need a sit down …


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