File under fantastic ..

Another dive into my mysterious cache of unfiled negatives yesterday, and I dug out a cracking pair of pictures from the early 90s. These were the heady days when Manchester felt it had a decent shot at winning the 2000 Olympics although I think, from the peeling poster and the headline on the MEN board, you can guess the outcome!..

Prince Andrew was another surprise in the box. I’d forgotten I even photographed him! And then there was Nigel Lawson, Gary Davies and Sonia, the Scouse singy-bird from Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s little collection. There was even a shot of my old boss from the Warrington Guardian, a diminutive Georgie called Eddie who looks like he couldn’t possibly have the strength to actually carry the huge Nikon and motor-drive he’s wearing round his neck.
All great additions to my archive ..

What’s a motor-drive, Grandad? ..


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