Slebs ..

I’ve been in Foo Foo Lamar’s bedroom! Now, if you’re not from Manchester, that statement won’t mean a thing, so let me explain. Frank ‘Foo Foo’ Lamar was a Drag Queen who ran his own club – Foo Foo’s Palace – in Manchester, for years and years. He raised kerjillions for charity though, sadly, died of cancer over ten years ago. Anyway, let’s get back to his bedroom! The Manchester Evening News launched a new weekly magazine in the 90s and, rather flatteringly, chose me as one of its small posse of snappers. They decided they’d run an article on ‘Celebrities in their bedrooms’ .. (?) .. so I got the job of hoiking my 645 transparency camera around the city and squeezing myself between the wardrobes and dressing tables of the more-well known citizens of Manchester. I mention this because I’ve just turfed up rather a lot of celebrity photographs from my days on the ‘papers, so I decided to design a ‘Slebs’ page on my web-site. Alas, as I was working for the press, a lot of my shots are long gone, but the ones I managed to salvage are a fascinating look back at the days when being famous meant you’d actually done more in your life than marry a footballer or sung for two-minutes on a Saturday night talent (?) contest! Anyway, have a look via StudioFiveFour Photography. See how many you can name! There’s everyone from Peter Ustinov to Sooty, via Maggie Thatcher, Terry Wogan and a very young Steve Coogan!
Oh, and Foo Foo? Great legs ..


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