It gets right on my t*ts ..

Rather amused by all the Page Three hoo-ha that’s going on at the moment. If you’re not from the UK, this revolves around one of our national newspapers – The Sun – which, after 44 years, looks like it’s finally stopped printing photographs of topless girls on its third page. Basically, you opened the ‘paper every day and there, right in front of you, was a pair of hooters and an inane caption telling you how Stacey was 19 and wanted to travel the world and save hedgehogs. I’m not getting into the ins and outs of the argument – I never bought the ‘paper and I’ve never shot topless women (Well, once .. and that was to show how much space there was in the sleeping compartment of a new truck .. I kid you not!) but I know it worked for some people and drove other people crazy. You have to admit it was a British institution but hey, everything has its day. I mean, I can see far steamier stuff right here on this screen with a couple of clicks of my mouse .. er, apparently! It just reminded me of this old cartoon – I’ve had it in my collection for absolutely ages and, by the way, thanks are due to whoever drew this all those years ago. It seems that, even now, if you mention to someone new that you are a photographer they’ll more often than not assume you photograph topless women. No, folks, I don’t, and I don’t get asked to, so thank you very much and goodbye! The funny thing to my mind yesterday was the TV interviews with the Anti-Page Three campaigner, who was delighting in her apparent victory over the mighty press. She had a big slogan splashed right across her t-shirt. I had no option but to look at her t*ts…


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