Still together after all these years ..

I look back at a lot of the people in my photographs and wonder “Where are they now?” and, at the weekend, I got the chance to meet up with a couple of my old ‘subjects’! I took a shot of a bust of Cromwell alongside this ventilator flue on my Olympus XA way back in the 80s. I loved the fact that they looked like a couple, an actual pair of sculptures designed to be together. Well, I was back at Buile Hill park in Salford on Sunday and I’m delighted to report that they’re still there. Actually, they’re behind bars together! The beautiful old Mining Museum, where they’re situated, has long been closed and is now a sorry sight, boarded up and surrounded by railings, locks and bars. The shot on the right is as close as I could get to my old friends! It made me feel quite sad but, as I always say at Manchester Wedding Photography, I’m so glad they’re still together after all these years ..

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