To have and to hold, maybe ..

There was a programme on TV last night called ‘Married at first sight’. I didn’t watch it, so this blog is only based on what I heard on Breakfast telly this morning, but it seems the concept of the programme is that two people are ‘scientifically’ matched to suit each other and the programme makers then proceed to marry them off – the couple only ever meeting each other at the moment they marry. Now, as I say, I haven’t watched it, so will reserve judgement until I see it on ‘Catch-up’ but, excuse me, isn’t that just taking the p*ss out of the whole concept of marriage? Ok, I can accept that in some cases this might work but, in general, this to me seems almost disgusting. One of the joys of Wedding photography is seeing that moment when two people – IN LOVE – are actually, actually, actually married! It’s a joy to behold! To be continued ..


Two today ..


My studio has been at its new premises for two years and, to celebrate, I’ll ‘Supersize’ your shoot in July. Order any print and I’ll ‘Supersize’ it to the next size up!