Going on about the ‘old days’ ..

“I know you! ..” said the Best Man as I shook his hand on Saturday “You did my Wedding photographs!..” he laughed.. “In 2002!…

Well it’s nice to be remembered, although I could only apologise for my puny memory and the failure to say I remembered him too. Anyway, he proved his point by pulling out his ‘phone and there, in glorious technicolour, was a shot I took of him and his wife cutting their Wedding cake all those years ago..

Yesterday I began the task of editing the 800 and odd photographs I’d taken on Saturday. I went to pop a couple of images on Facebook, only to find I’d been beaten to it with scores of images uploaded by numerous guests and family members. Every moment of the day was covered with snaps from their phones and tablets. It was as if they’d all watched the whole Wedding via their screens. A lot of the pictures – Grrr – were assorted copies of the groups I’d set up and which, in the old days, I’d have sold as reprints! My mind went back thirteen years to the Wedding of the Best Man – those dark, dank days of PD! Pre-digital! The thing is, although the image he showed me was on his ‘phone, I could tell by the quality of it that the original photograph was shot on film. At his Wedding I was still shooting on a Mamiya RZ67 with a 220 magazine and .. oh, stop yawning at the back. Anyway, back in those days it was the photographer’s job to take the photographs at the Wedding, and the guests got on with actually being part of the day rather than recorders of it!  I know, I know .. I’m going on about the ‘old days’ again and it’s no good to moan about it now, ‘cos times have changed and digital is God.
Like I say though, it was nice to be remembered ..


Gettin’ on a bit ..

When I first set up my studio it was in one of the many and vast empty rooms at O’Neill Towers and, to give it a dry run, I asked some nearby neighbours if they’d come in for a family portrait. Yesterday I bumped into the daughter of the family – dairy aisle at Sainsbury’s since you ask – and asked her what she was up to these days…

“I’m a teacher!” she said ..

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather, and the look on my face must have said just that! “I’m twentyfive now, you know…” she laughed, as I threw my zimmer frame out of the shot, and it dawned on me that those test pictures – those sweet family photos – were now 14 years old! The woman in front of me was an eleven year old girl when I took them! I mean, come on, they were on film, for goodness sake!..

It kind of brought home the shock there must be on the part of all those Dads that walk their daughter down the aisle on their Wedding Day. Their Princess, their little girl, has turned into a woman in the time it’s taken to change a vest and go for a pint with the darts team! Now I’ve never had kids, but when I shoot a Wedding I’m always very tuned in to catching any of that emotion on the faces of those Dads as they look down that aisle with their pride and joy on their arm. It’s just dawned on me that part of that expression is the realisation that they’ve grown old …