Get off yer arses ..

If you shop at Sainsbury’s supermarket you’ll be asked at the check-out if you’re collecting ‘Active Kids’ vouchers. I always reply ‘Kids shouldn’t need vouchers to be active’ (I know, what a wit!) .. and think nothing more of it but, yesterday, I saw a big advertising poster for the scheme announcing ‘Let’s get our kids active’ and I thought ‘what the hell is going on’? How come we suddenly need large companies to try to get kids off their arses? Eat well, move well and live well is the aim of the project. Well, the weather was gorgeous yesterday and, when I was a kid, that would have meant getting home from school, having a meal invariably involving chips and getting outside to play until it went dark. You couldn’t keep us in! Now that, my friends, was living well ..

Ps: Today’s shot is another from my archive at Martin O’Neill Photography ..

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