Cup Final Day ..

The morning of the FA Cup Final, and I remember how exciting it used to be as a kid, playing footie in the street as we built up to the three o’clock kick-off. Later, working for the Manchester Evening News, I’d usually be deployed to local bus-stations to shoot Man U fans departing to Wembley. I’ll never forget the excitement though when, just a few days into my career as a press photographer in 1978, I had to photograph the team’s Captain, Martin Buchan. Ok, so he was only opening a paint and wallpaper shop in Altrincham but, for me at 18, this was a sure sign I’d hit the big time!!..

Come on you reds ..


Back to Liverpool ..

It was back to Liverpool last night for the second PR shoot in a week. After photographing the opening of a new Dunkin’ Donuts store on Tuesday it was time to cover the Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards at the amazing St George’s Hall. Had a great night, and can’t believe I’ve never been to such a fantastic venue before now. All that, and a set by The Christians thrown in ..

Back down to earth today with a booking to shoot a series of corporate portraits on an industrial estate in Salford and then it’s a Saturday with my feet up to watch Man U in the FA Cup Final. Not to rub it in but I hope we do better than Liverpool did ..

Aim high, kids ..

Here I am, aiming high and obviously wanting to go places! Incredible for me to believe but it’s – almost exactly to the day – 40 years since I left school. May 1976, just at the start of one of the hottest ever summers and that was me done. I was out of there like a shot, not quite as young as I am in this photo but still a mere 15 year old schoolboy with the words of my careers teacher ringing in my ears. When he asked me what I wanted to do when I left school I told him I wanted to be a photographer. His encouraging reply? “Be realistic!”..

It took me only two more years before I was a professional photographer ..