I know I’ve just come back from a week in Dubai but, to be honest, with the weather we’re having here in England right now –  and the dismal state of the country – I could do with re-packing my bags and buggering off to .. oh, anywhere!

I heard a phrase the other day which, now I know it, keeps popping up all over the place. Pathetic Fallacy. In other words, all this rain and cold weather is directly connected to the downcast mood of the country. Certainly feels like it and, ok, it is just a coincidence, but if this was a film then this is exactly the sh*tty weather you’d set as the backdrop to the country going down the pan ..

Anyway, let’s not be gloomy ……….. !!! …

Thoughts of warmer climes led me back to my travel shots from years gone by and here’s one of my faves. A road sign in Sri Lanka that should read ‘Danger’ .. only some driver had smacked off half the wording to leave it reading ‘Dang’! You gotta laugh ..


Nutty ..

I’m skipping right along from England’s disastrous dismissal from the Euros last night (That’s football, for those of you lucky people living on another continent) and looking ahead to my great summer of Wedding Photography ..

To be honest, my year’s been a bit hit and miss for bookings so far but, come next week, I pile into the season proper with a long stream of dates in the diary. I’ve got such a variety of Weddings to come. In fact, my very next one will see me afloat on the Manchester Ship Canal as the Wedding party sails from Ordsall Hall in Salford to their reception at the Imperial War Museum North. The week after that I’ll be photographing a Wedding in a tepee and then I’ve got, amongst others, dates at Crewe Hall, Didsbury House and Styal Lodge to look forward to. I had a meeting with my ‘Crewe Hall bride’ last week and her Mum confessed to me that they booked me because I was “nutty” ..

I do like that ..


In or out, remain or leave? Well folks, it’s been a tough decision and I’ve thought about it long and hard but now, this Monday morning, I can tell you I’ve decided to leave ..

Oh, sorry .. not the EU, I’m talking about my studio. This week marks the third anniversary of its opening and, to mark the occasion … I’m shutting it down ..

Yes, tears all round but reality must be faced up to and the cold hard fact is this ..
it just hasn’t worked! Quite simply, not enough people have come along to be photographed and it sits there empty, day after soul-destroying day ..

However, all is not lost and, in true EU style, I am about to renegotiate my position and will have some good news by this time next week. I already have a new plan in place meaning I’ll still be able to offer studio photography and I’ll be able to offer more ‘location’ photography to the good people of the North West. So it’s onwards and upwards and, like a certain other story that’s knocking about, I’ve taken control of my borders and opened up my markets ..

Let’s hear it for Stexit ..

Things I’ve learnt from the Euros


I’ve learnt a lot from watching the Euros over the past week. First of all, I now know it’s very important to say that a team plays “on the front foot”. That makes it sound like they actually hop around the pitch, but there ya go. Secondly, everyone on a team must speak with their hand over their mouth. This is vital. Thirdly, if you’re stuck in traffic on the way home from work, it’s helpful to know that most games actually only achieve anything in the last 90 seconds of extra time. You should know too that players spend more time on their hair and beards than actually training. This is also vital. Ooh, such pretty boys! Finally, and most fascinatingly, I learnt that, in every game, each player – on average – covers the turf with approximately one and a half gallons of spit!

The Manchester Bomb

It’s 20 years today since the ‘Manchester Bomb’. I’ll always remember that day as I was working on a PR job at Warrington Hospital at the time the bomb went off, but had been made to switch off my mobile ‘phone whilst I took my photographs. I missed the whole damn thing!..

This cute shot of a parade – taken from my archive – is an appropriate picture to mark the event, and residents of our fair city may recognise in it the scene of the event. The bomb was planted just the other side of the iconic scalloped roofing of the old Marks and Spencer building. A couple of years later, after that entire edifice was demolished because of the bomb-damage, I was booked by M&S to photograph the start of the new building work. Ironic ..

Three wishes ..

This time last week – almost to the minute as I write this – we entered Dubai airport to start our journey back to the UK. It was our last taste of the scorching sunshine and unbearable 43 degree heat. We literally hadn’t seen a cloud for a week. “Wouldn’t it be nice ..” we laughed ” .. to stand in a rain shower and feel cool water on our faces? ..”

It’s practically not stopped raining since! Be careful what you wish for, eh?..

A couple who came to see me about their Wedding photography yesterday had one simple wish. They wanted to find a photographer who’d take their Wedding photographs the way they wanted them taken. They’d already been to see two other photographers and were getting fed up. “We just want to find a photographer ..” said the groom ” .. who’ll take the kind of pictures we want, not the kind the photographer wants for their portfolio ..” I hope I can make their wish come true ..

Three wishes? How about world peace? Workable gun laws in the US? A decline in CO2 levels? A decent English summer? A clear-cut answer to the EU referendum? A goal-scoring English football team?

Man, I think we’d better make that 300 wishes ..