Three wishes ..

This time last week – almost to the minute as I write this – we entered Dubai airport to start our journey back to the UK. It was our last taste of the scorching sunshine and unbearable 43 degree heat. We literally hadn’t seen a cloud for a week. “Wouldn’t it be nice ..” we laughed ” .. to stand in a rain shower and feel cool water on our faces? ..”

It’s practically not stopped raining since! Be careful what you wish for, eh?..

A couple who came to see me about their Wedding photography yesterday had one simple wish. They wanted to find a photographer who’d take their Wedding photographs the way they wanted them taken. They’d already been to see two other photographers and were getting fed up. “We just want to find a photographer ..” said the groom ” .. who’ll take the kind of pictures we want, not the kind the photographer wants for their portfolio ..” I hope I can make their wish come true ..

Three wishes? How about world peace? Workable gun laws in the US? A decline in CO2 levels? A decent English summer? A clear-cut answer to the EU referendum? A goal-scoring English football team?

Man, I think we’d better make that 300 wishes ..


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