Nutty ..

I’m skipping right along from England’s disastrous dismissal from the Euros last night (That’s football, for those of you lucky people living on another continent) and looking ahead to my great summer of Wedding Photography ..

To be honest, my year’s been a bit hit and miss for bookings so far but, come next week, I pile into the season proper with a long stream of dates in the diary. I’ve got such a variety of Weddings to come. In fact, my very next one will see me afloat on the Manchester Ship Canal as the Wedding party sails from Ordsall Hall in Salford to their reception at the Imperial War Museum North. The week after that I’ll be photographing a Wedding in a tepee and then I’ve got, amongst others, dates at Crewe Hall, Didsbury House and Styal Lodge to look forward to. I had a meeting with my ‘Crewe Hall bride’ last week and her Mum confessed to me that they booked me because I was “nutty” ..

I do like that ..


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