In or out, remain or leave? Well folks, it’s been a tough decision and I’ve thought about it long and hard but now, this Monday morning, I can tell you I’ve decided to leave ..

Oh, sorry .. not the EU, I’m talking about my studio. This week marks the third anniversary of its opening and, to mark the occasion … I’m shutting it down ..

Yes, tears all round but reality must be faced up to and the cold hard fact is this ..
it just hasn’t worked! Quite simply, not enough people have come along to be photographed and it sits there empty, day after soul-destroying day ..

However, all is not lost and, in true EU style, I am about to renegotiate my position and will have some good news by this time next week. I already have a new plan in place meaning I’ll still be able to offer studio photography and I’ll be able to offer more ‘location’ photography to the good people of the North West. So it’s onwards and upwards and, like a certain other story that’s knocking about, I’ve taken control of my borders and opened up my markets ..

Let’s hear it for Stexit ..


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