I know I’ve just come back from a week in Dubai but, to be honest, with the weather we’re having here in England right now –  and the dismal state of the country – I could do with re-packing my bags and buggering off to .. oh, anywhere!

I heard a phrase the other day which, now I know it, keeps popping up all over the place. Pathetic Fallacy. In other words, all this rain and cold weather is directly connected to the downcast mood of the country. Certainly feels like it and, ok, it is just a coincidence, but if this was a film then this is exactly the sh*tty weather you’d set as the backdrop to the country going down the pan ..

Anyway, let’s not be gloomy ……….. !!! …

Thoughts of warmer climes led me back to my travel shots from years gone by and here’s one of my faves. A road sign in Sri Lanka that should read ‘Danger’ .. only some driver had smacked off half the wording to leave it reading ‘Dang’! You gotta laugh ..


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