Cold showers ..


Oh no .. not more showers! Hahaha, see what I did there? A little play on words, reference the Great British Summer, seeing as it’s raining again as I write this and I’m bloomin’ well fed up with it. Anyway, that’s not the subject of today’s blog ..

Actually, just to put you in the picture, this shot was taken in Greece on my 6×6 Yashica and was part of an exhibition called ‘Trace’ at the old Cornerhouse in Manchester. They printed me some postcards featuring the shot and if you’d like one just let me know, ‘cos I’ve got about 5 million of ’em left ..

I told you I’d had some good news. I announced on a Culcheth Facebook page that I was closing my studio and, within about two hours, I’d been phoned by a chap at our local Village Club asking if I’d like to use the facilities there to shoot any future portrait sessions. Would I? You betcha! So, the upshot is that I’ll be shipping all my gear across there and will be up and running by the end of this month. I can’t wait. People coming in for portraits will now be able to get a coffee or a beer, or something to eat, and make a proper day out of the whole photography experience. How brilliant! In fact, I’m getting so excited I think I’d better go for a cold shower ..

News just in ..

Firstly, an apology. My email has gone AWOL, so if you’ve been trying to contact me over the past couple of days you now know why I’ve not replied ..

I have a long-running, ever-growing collection of photographs that I call ‘Social Seen’ – basically images that amuse me from functions I’ve photographed and, last night, I was covering the 20th anniversary party of the Chilli Banana restaurant in Wilmslow. These two shots presented themselves as additions very nicely, thank you. Check out the rest here ..

I’m off to the Imperial War Museum today to cover a conference and, funnily enough, I’m back there again on Saturday to photograph a Wedding. In between that, two cracking Euro ’16 semi-finals and some fantastic news about my new ‘studio’ ..

Tell ya tomorrow ..