Here comes the sun ..





¬†Ah, the first day of Spring. Well, it is if you’re my pal Simon in New Zealand (Hi, Simes!) but, for us, the equinox marks the day when we officially ‘plunge’ into Autumn and Winter and, suddenly, the thought of hot summer Weddings seems a long way away ..
Of course, being colder doesn’t mean it can be any less sunny .. it’s just a ‘different’ kind of sun. A lower sun, a dazzling and squinty-making sun that casts long, fab shadows across the ground. I’ve already had cause to ‘battle’ with it. At last Saturday’s Wedding it was so bright and sunny that I could see it causing flare in the lens as I shot my group photographs. I moved the camera position, of course, but it’s funny how fashions change. Flare is now ‘in’ and, after years of avoiding it like the plague, I’ll quite happily point my lens straight at it for a dreamy, romantic shot like this ..
A bit of a sunny outlook, you might say ..